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Corporate event Sweden Speedcats

Challenge your colleagues, strengthen your team!


Is it time to do something fun together with your colleagues? Something out of the ordinary? Then you´ve come to the right place; SPEEDCATS offers an exciting activity where everyone can participate. In conjunction with a conference, kick-off, team building or just as a hilarious start to the company party!


We start by changing clothes and gear up for boat racing. Then we perform a brief introduction of how to operate the boat. Each boat is driven by two persons (pilot/co-pilot). Then we head out on the water and practice with an experienced instructor. First you will learn to be co-pilot. This means to sit forward in the boat and distribute the weight properly for maximum safety and speed. Then we go through and practice how to steer and maneuver the boat followed by a short safety briefing before you get out and practice on your own two and two in the race course. Finally, when everyone has found the speed and performance, the race is on!


Price: from 5900 SEK per boat excluding VAT (Rec.n 6 persons / boat)


Where: All of Sweden


Number of participants: 4-80 people

Time inc. change of clothes: 2-3 hours (depending on number of participants)

Scope: Instructions, practise and racing

Equipment: Loan of dry/wet suit, life jacket and helmet included

Shower and change: Booked separately

Drink: Mineral water is included in the activity

Misc: The booked time, remove your swimsuit


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